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Print2CAD 2011 Software is based on original RealDWG™ from Autodesk® (See all)

Invented by Adobe systems in 1993, the portable document format (PDF) is a data format for documents, which can be used on many different platforms. In the last few years the PDF format has had unrivaled success, and is not only for text documents but can also be implemented for blueprints from CAD software. The ground breaking idea behind the success is the scalability of the document. The scalability of PDF is possible because PDF is vector based and not pixel based.

This allows you to enlarge a blueprint and still keep the original clarity of the drawing when printing. The layer technology allows one to print or omit any layers or groups of layers you want. The native PDF text format allows you to search a document with keywords. In short, PDF is incredible for the use of CAD. Unfortunately the possibilities of the PDF exchange are often not used. A lot of files that are called “PDF“ are really not a true “PDF“ format, they are only a relater picture with a PDF frame.
Print2CAD is a software that converts PDF files into a DWG or DXF then be imported into, and edited with any CAD system. Print2CAD also converts PDF into raster formats (TIFF, JPEG, etc.) and EPS (PostScript). Print2CAD also converts DWG or DXF into PDF files. Print2CAD is a stand alone program that works independently with all CAD systems. You don't need a CAD system or AutoCAD to use Print2CAD program. Print2CAD also converts HPGL or HPGL2 into DWG or DXF. Print2CAD is based on unique PDF libraries, and therefore converts the files directly into a DWG, DXF or a raster file. The resulting files then have excellent accuracy and quality. Print2CAD also supports the newest version of PDF.

Print2CAD converts files into DWG version 14, 2000 - 2011 or DXF version 12, 2000-2011. All vectors, lines, circles, arcs, surfaces, splines, text, and pixel images are transferred into DWG or DXF. The pixel images can be converted into vectors, embedded or stored in separate files. Special functions generate circles and arcs. PDF layer structure is supported, or if not available, this can be created on the basis of color or line widths. PDF characters are put together to create new texts. PDF properties such as line widths and line types are also converted into CAD properties. Print2CAD converts PDF colors into CAD indexed colors or full RGB colors. Print2CAD also supports TTF fonts. With multi-page PDF documents, you can specify which pages to be converted.

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